Understanding Your Car’s Emergency Lights


Emergency lights serve as vital pointers for potential issues and safety hazards that require prompt consideration.

In this post, we’ll investigate the distinctive sorts of emergency lights in a car, what they mean, and what activities you ought to take when they light up.

Sorts of Emergency Lights

Learn about different types of emergency lights.

·       Check Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the foremost common emergency lights that drivers experience. It as a rule shows up as a little orange or yellow image molded like an engine on the dashboard. This light demonstrates an issue with the car’s engine or emanations framework and may require quick consideration from a workman.

·       Battery Emergency Light

The battery emergency light regularly looks like a little rectangle with a positive and negative sign interior. You can get proficient help from Asain and Domestic Auto Repair in Wilmington, NC.

·       Oil Pressure Emergency Light

Driving with moo oil weight can cause extreme harm to the engine and lead to expensive repairs. It is basic to drag over and check the oil level instantly on the off chance that this light turns on.

·       Brake Framework Emergency Light

The brake framework emergency light shows up as an outcry stamp interior a circle and shows issues with the car’s braking framework. This light could mean moo brake liquid, worn brake cushions, or a breakdown within the braking framework. If this light enlightens, it is risky to proceed driving, and you ought to look for quick help.

·       ABS Emergency Light

The ABS (anti-lock braking framework) emergency light implies an issue with the car’s ABS framework, which makes a difference avoid slipping and misfortune of control amid emergency braking. If this light turns on, it is still secure to drive but imperative to have it checked by a proficient as before long as conceivable.

·       Airbag Emergency Light

The airbag warning light looks like an individual sitting in a situation with a huge circle in front, representing the airbag. When this light lights up, it demonstrates a potential issue with the car’s airbag framework, which is pivotal for traveler security amid a collision. It is best to have this light assessed by a qualified workman.

·       Coolant Emergency Light

The coolant emergency light as a rule shows up as a thermometer or a wavy line showing the car’s engine temperature. In case this light turns on, it may indicate that the engine is overheating, and driving advance may cause genuine harm. Drag over, permit the engine to cool down, and check the coolant level sometime recently proceeding your travel.


A few lights may demonstrate minor issues that can be tended to afterward, whereas others require prompt consideration. Assess the seriousness of the situation and arrange your following steps in like manner.

Depending on the emergency light, take fitting activities such as checking fluids, inspecting the car’s frameworks, or looking for proficient offer assistance from a technician.


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